Scuba Diving With Taveuni Ocean Sports

Taveuni Island-The Soft Coral Capital of the World

Fiji Island Diving is world class and Taveuni Island is home to some of the world’s most famous dive sites and is known as the best scuba diving in all of Fiji. 

Taveuni Island’s diving sites are each uniquely characterized by the many variations of sea life, tropical fish of every size, shape, pattern and colour and of course the beautiful varieties of soft and hard corals. Whether you choose to dive the amazing Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Zoo, The Fish Factory, Annie’s Bommie, The Ledge, Yellow Grotto… just to name a few … you can expect to see some of the most spectacular sea life (large groupers, sea turtles, blue ribbon eels, moray eels, manta rays, sharks, lion fish, and hundreds of other fascinating fish species) combined with an unbelievable variety of colourful soft and hard corals. 

Perhaps one of the most talked about Fiji Island diving sites in the South Pacific lies just off Taveuni’s coast line – “The Great White Wall”, – where you swim through a tunnel that has two exits, one at 33ft and another at 88ft. (ADVANCED DIVERS ONLY). During this exciting dive you will come face to face with hundreds of beautiful fish, but perhaps more breath taking than that the dense concentrations of the illuminating white glow given off by the soft corals that completely surround you. 

Taveuni Palms offers private diving for both certified and beginner divers alike. You can choose to dive as part of a group or we also offer private diving. Divers will be taken to the world famous Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall (ADVANCED DIVERS ONLY), the Ledge and many more incredible sites. Taveuni Palms uses only the best dive equipment and highly certified PADI instructors. All levels of experience and expertise are catered to – your dive experience can be as challenging or relaxing as you wish. 

Please kindly note that the boat operator has a very strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling with Taveuni Ocean Sports


The PADI scuba and snorkelling program for Taveuni Ocean Sports is operated and managed by Julie Kelly.  We are family-owned and operated and we truly love to dive.  We are extremely passionate about providing the most educational, safe, and thorough dive experience available on Taveuni. 

We feel that safety and clear communication are the most important aspects of a successful scuba company.  We pride ourselves in giving an extensive dive site orientation including safety procedures, depth, entries and exits, topography, hazards, drift diving procedures, and dive profile.  We believe in a “no touch” policy, teaching our divers that diving in Fiji is like walking through a museum full of precious and fragile artifacts.  We believe in small groups and taking our time, so that we can assure quality, not quantity.

We also give a very detailed marine biology- oriented briefing regarding Fiji’s unique underwater ecology.  We teach identification of many species of fish and invertebrates, along with information about their behavior.  Fiji has approximately 390 species of coral and 1500 species of fish, with many endemics that are found nowhere else on the planet.  There is an impressive amount of symbiosis that occurs in Fijian waters such as anemone fish with their host anemone, blind shrimp that live with a special species of goby that serves as “the eyes” for the pair, cleaning stations etc.  We want our guests to know what they’re seeing on our dives to make it a more interesting experience. 

We guarantee very small groups of four divers or less per instructor.  This ensures attention to detail and personalized service for every diver.  Our 30 ft. custom aluminum dive cat “The Upwelling” is built for 10 divers, but we have pledged to never carry more than six divers (with two instructors to keep the ratio 4:1).  We carry a VHF radio, lifejackets, first aid kits, safety flares, safety sausages for all of our divers, a state of the art GPS system, an AED, as well as emergency oxygen.  

We cater to first time divers, newly certified divers, advanced divers, snorkelers, as well as offer PADI certification courses ranging from open water up through Dive master.  We also offer refresher dives for the rusty certified diver before going to, for example, a more advanced site like the Great White Wall that is a drift dive.

We provide freshly baked banana and papaya breads, fresh fruits and veggies from our garden, juice, water, and towels in between our dives.  Our goal is to give each and every diver and snorkeler an amazing, first class experience that they will never forget.  We strive to provide an experience that’s fun, dynamic, safe, and thorough……one that we would truly appreciate if we were on vacation.   

Please kindly note that the boat operator has a very strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

All of our dives include: Guaranteed small personalized groups of 4 divers or less per Dive mastervery detailed site and marine biology briefing, delicious snacks and cold beverages, and a hot water shower.  All rates in USD, taxes inclusive.

Certified Diver–Two Tank Dive:

Certified divers will enjoy exploring one of Taveuni’s beautiful reef systems.  We provide all necessary equipment, including full length wetsuits for extra warmth. Certified divers will enjoy an interesting site and marine biology orientation.  Our detailed site briefings include a map of the dive site, explaining all aspects of the dive such as depth, topography, and procedures.  Our marine biology briefings include fish identification, along with interesting facts about endemic and rare species.  Each dive is approximately 45 minutes with an average depth of 40-80 feet (12-24 meters).  Divers will enjoy a relaxing surface interval which includes delicious snacks, cold beverages, and a hot water shower, followed by a second dive.  The entire process for a two tank dive is approximately four-five hours. 

$138 USD two tank dive w/tanks and weights.

$23.00 USD gear package -BCD, regulator, wetsuit, dive computer, mask, fins and safety sausage.

Introductory Diver (Non-Certified)

First time (non-certified) divers will experience the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, which covers the fundamental rules and guidelines of scuba diving.  This experience can also be applied toward the certification process.  After this detailed, hands-on orientation, divers will enter clear shallow pool-like conditions at our dive site and practice four basic scuba-related skills.  These skills are designed to build confidence and to introduce the sport of diving in a safe, controlled environment.  After completing the skills portion, divers are qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 feet (12 meters), under the direct supervision of our PADI Instructors.  The entire experience is a half day excursion ranging from 4-5 hours.

$126.50 USD one tank dive

Introductory Diver (Non-Certified) Pool Lesson Only

First time divers who would like to try scuba diving in the pool only will experience the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program that is explained above.  The entire process takes approximately 1 ½ hours. $40.25 USD

PADI Open Water Certification Course

The PADI Open Water Certification course is a 3-5 day performance-based class consisting of academic theory, confined water training, and four open water dives.  Divers are also required to perform a 200 meter swim test and 10 minute tread. PADI is the largest scuba training organization in the world.  This comprehensive, hands-on course ensures that the student will become a competent and safe scuba diver.  Upon completion of the course, the diver receives a license to dive that is valid for a lifetime.  Each PADI Open Water Certification course includes all necessary training materials (PADI manual, log book, and recreational dive planner), delicious snack, cold beverages, and a hot water shower for after all of the dives. 

$488.75 USD open water certification

PADI Open Water Referral Course

The PADI Open Water Referral Course includes the four open water dives needed to complete a certification course that was started back at home.  Student diver must have their PADI referral form documenting the completion of all academics as well as confirmed water training that was completed within the last year.  The PADI Open Water Referral Course is a two day course completing two dives each day.

$299.00 USD Open Water Referral

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is a three day class which contains 5 adventure dives.  Two of the required core dives are navigation and deep.  Upon completion of the core dives, three elective dives are chosen.  The choices for the elective dives are:  underwater photography, underwater naturalist, peak performance buoyancy, and night dive. 

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is a performance-based course designed to give the diver more experience with different aspects of diving.  Upon completion of the course, the diver receives an advanced open water certification card, which is a passport to a new world of underwater adventure.  

The course includes all necessary equipment, student materials (PADI advanced manual and log book), delicious snacks, cold beverages, and a hot water shower for after all of the dives.

$430.55 USD Advanced Open Water Certification

PADI Rescue Diver Course

This course includes intense academic theory relating to diving and pressure-related injuries.  The course also includes several hands-on rescue scenarios, which enable the student diver to competently rescue an injured and/or panicked diver in any given situation.  Student divers must also complete a certified CPR course before the end of the class.

$488.75 USD Rescue Diver Course

Surfing Lesson for Beginners:

Learn how to surf on one of Taveuni’s beautiful reefs.  Classes include a detailed lesson and practice session on shore followed by a one to two-hour surf adventure. 

US$109.25   3 hours(approximately for the entire session)

Surfing Tours

For experienced surfers, we have an advanced wave across the channel that breaks in an offshore passage.  It’s approximately a 45 minute-one-hour boat ride.  There is a very hollow right-hander as well as a more forgiving left-hander.    Swell and wind conditions can’t be guaranteed. The tour includes lunch. 

$143.75 USD per person (need at least two surfers)

Let’s get started

An all inclusive private island resort unlike any other.

Let’s get started

An all inclusive private island resort unlike any other.

Taveuni Palms Resort Reservation/Payment Policy:

We require a 25% deposit (non-refundable) due within 7 days of booking. Balance must be received 60 days prior to arrival.

A booking is not recognized nor the space reserved, unless a deposit is received. Reservations made within 60 days of arrival require payment in full at the time of booking. We accept most major credit cards.

*All bookings must be paid in full prior to arrival.

Taveuni Palms Resort Cancellation Policy:

Deposit – No refund
Less than 60 days notice – Cancellation fee will be 100% of rate for every night cancelled

In the event of a cancellation, notice must be received by the Taveuni resort in writing. No refund will be given for no-shows, unused days, or unused portions of pre-paid packages. Refunds are subject to bank fee/credit card fee adjustments. We strongly recommend appropriate insurance protection.

Taveuni Palms will not accept any responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal equipment or property while staying on the property or during participation in any activity. Taveuni Palms will not accept responsibility for any bodily harm or injury, which may occur while staying on the property or during participation in any activity off the property. Taveuni Palms will not accept any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events within or outside their control. Taveuni Palms will not be held responsible for refunding unused nights due to flight delay or cancellations. Taveuni Palms will not be held liable for any failure to carry out arrangements agreed to for clients, if such failure is due to fire or other casualties, acts of God, National Emergencies, strikes or shortage of labor or materials or any other causes beyond its control. Please ensure you purchase appropriate insurance protection.

Happy visitors

Don't just take our word for it, see what previous guests have to say about our 5-star Fiji Resort!

“We could not have had a more perfect wedding day. The effort that went into preparing the villa, grounds and arch was beyond all of our expectations. Watching all the preparations and the beautiful result was the perfect lead up to the wedding. We have enjoyed every minute of our stay. From the ultimate privacy, to the relaxation, to the amazing food and wonderful service – everything was been first class. Thank you to everyone. You will all be in our hearts forever.”


Jason and Suzee, Southby

We have been blown away, way beyond our expectations and truly appreciate all of the love & care that you have put into creating such an amazing vacation spot. The local, laid back genuineness was the perfect place for our honeymoon and all that we had hoped for.
It was great to experience the authenticity of the Fijian food! We were so spoiled here, it is so hard to say goodbye but we definitely will be back soon! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”


Currie & Prosser, North Carolina, USA

“It was so stressful everyday to decide what to eat for breakfast and lunch and where to eat – the bula deck, the house deck or the pool deck and what bula drinks to have – “decisions, decisions” – and where and when to snorkel amongst the beautiful coral – whether or not to take out the kayak – or should we swim, take a nap or read –“decisions, decisions” – whether to scuba dive or to enjoy the beautiful ocean view or the gardens – “decisions, decisions”… You made us feel so welcome and cared for. This vacation exceeded ALL of our expectations."


Carol and Stew Harvey, Santa Ana, California

“Mike and I are very sad to leave such a beautiful place and such wonderful people. You have all made our honeymoon so much better than I could ever have imagined. It was perfect! You have all touched us with your kindness and I hope you know how much it is appreciated. Thank you so much and we wish you all many more years of creating wonderful honeymoons. You think about everything, even the tiniest of details and that is what makes this experience so wonderful and why it stands out from the rest. Warmest regards,”


Mike and Lea Seals, Indiana USA