Bird Watching at Nabogiono Farm

See a variety of unique & rare birds when birdwatching in Fiji

Birdwatching in Fiji

Bird lovers from all over the world come to Taveuni to see the huge variety of bird wildlife on the island. We offer a fabulous excursion to Bobbie’s Farm at the South End of the Island to see his bird sanctuary. During the excursion, you have the opportunity to see the Orange Dove, Turtle Dove, Barking pigeon, Parrots, Silk Tails, White Throated pigeon and many more.

Nabogiono Farm or Bobbie’s is a family-owned heritage property with close links to the National Trust of Fiji. The Farm is located on Taveuni Island and comprises a freehold property of just over 40 hectares (98 acres). The property comprises 400 meters of sea frontage, 10 hectares of jungle re-growth around the homestead, a rich natural habitat for the birds, and approximately 17 hectares of farming area.

A ‘must-do‘ in Fiji

Preserving the pristine natural tropical rainforest is important for ecosystem stability and balance. The property maintains nature and wildlife by conserving natural habitat and preventing further development (so there is no disturbance in the natural balance). More than 20 species of birds (including the rare and iconic Orange Dove) depend upon this rainforest. Going forward, the National Trust of Fiji hopes to establish a ‘ridge to reef’ conservation park to further protect the natural environment. Bird watchers from around the world make the trip to Taveuni Island just to enjoy the many varieties of birdlife. This is a must-see for all nature lovers.

During the Lavena Coastal Walk, Vidawa Rainforest Hike and Bouma Waterfall excursion you may encounter many of these rare bird species.

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