Lavena Coastal Walk Taveuni Island

A must do activity for everyone who visits Taveuni Island, Fiji

Lavena Coastal Walk & Boat Trip

Lavena is the furthest point you can travel on the eastern side of the island. This is a great adventure walk beginning along a beautiful white sandy beach with rock pools. Continuing on you will ford rivers, pass through remote villages ultimately leading you to a gorgeous trio of cascading waterfalls! You can slide down or jump from the falls into the crystal-clear rock pools. The walk will take you about an hour and a half each way.

The best way to experience this excursion is to take the boat from the village either at the start or the end of the trip dependent on the tide. You take the boat on the high tide which allows you to travel along the coast and view the waterfalls which drop directly into the ocean and are not accessible by foot. Your boatman will take you the track where you will walk up to the other waterfalls to swim and have your picnic lunch before you take the Coastal Walk back to the Lavena village.

You will want to allow at least an hour at the falls for swimming and exploration. Your guide will point out the many rare species of birds which live in the pristine rainforest such as the Orange Dove, Parrots, Silk Tails and many others.

This is a must do excursion that everyone loves! This experience should not be missed during your visit on Taveuni.

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