Your Private Villa -A Captivating Escape

Welcome to Taveuni Palms Resort, where relaxation, serenity, and exclusivity await you from the moment you arrive. Our private and secluded setting ensures the utmost privacy, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world and embrace tranquillity at its finest. While you are staying in your private luxury villa on Taveuni Island, let us make this a vacation that will make you want to come back and stay again.

Our staff provides you with five-star service that delights and pampers you throughout your stay. It’s this level of service that has helped us become a multi-award-winning private resort, recognised globally for our commitment to excellence.

Your private beachfront villa and private spa villa offer the epitome of luxurious accommodation. Take the time to relax in your villa or explore the magical island of Taveuni. You’ll never tire of things to do, or you can simply sit back, relax, and breathe in the ocean air.

Enjoy strolling through the lush gardens, with their tropical flowers providing brilliant splashes of colour to invigorate the senses, your private beach is waiting for you to explore. You will be amazed by the sunsets with purples, reds, yellows and pinks and you will have the best views to see these incredible light displays from your private deck.

Come and see why so many guests love to return again and again to experience the magic of our private villas.

Prepare to Rest, Relax and be Rejuvenated!