The Legend of the Tagimoucia

There is a very interesting flower only found on Taveuni. The Tagimoucia flower is found on the shores of Lake Tagimoucia surrounded by mist shrouded rainforest. It is a serious hike to the lake of about three to four hours depending on the condition of the track, not for the faint hearted as you will pass through streams and steep muddy tracks.
The Legend of the Tagimoucia flower is that long ago a princess was in an arranged marriage but loved another man. She was so unhappy that she ran away from her village. She eventually came to the mountains and the shores of Lake Tagimoucia. She was exhausted and fell asleep, while she slept she cried tears which trickled down her cheeks and turned into the beautiful red flowers. These red flowers became the Tagimoucia plant. Tagimoucia means – to cry in your sleep.
This is one of the local legends of Taveuni. To learn more, why don’t you email or call me.
Moce Mada