Paddleboarding Fiji

Glide over the crystal clear waters and enjoy the view of the underwater world beneath you.

Sunbathe on the Sea

One of the great things about the paddleboarding Fiji has to offer is that it is another way for you to see the many fish and corals. You will glide over the crystal clear waters and still be able to enjoy the view of the underwater world beneath you.

The ultimate all-rounder that is perfect for first-time riders, paddling boarding is the smooth, chill and relaxing way to explore the coastline from the sea. A slight concave in the nose allows for early wave entry, while the dynamic rocker line results in a steady forward glide. Super stable and ready for hours of non-stop fun.

A paddle down to Vacala Bay or Prince Charles Beach is a welcome excursion with lots of coral to see as well as other beaches to enjoy.

If you are new to this experience, one of our guides would be happy to give you a lesson and ensure you are confident in your prowess of course if you would like to have the guide show you the nearby shoreline that is no problem at all.

A nice way to start the day is a paddle board of course you might like to have a sunset paddle board too. Both are perfect and a great way for the family to have fun together.

We have two 11 6′ paddle boards for complimentary usage.

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