Kayaking in Taveuni Island

Explore Taveuni Island’s shoreline on a kayak

New Experiences

Kayaking in Taveuni is a perfect way for a family to explore the nearby shoreline getting the kids to try a new experience! Sometimes you can be out kayaking when the dolphins swim past so quite an amazing way to start your day.

While you are out paddling you will be able to see the underwater world as the crystal clear water allows you to see the fish and corals beneath you.
If you would like to have one of our guides to go with you then they are always available to assist you. Kayak down to the nearby Vacala Bay or Prince Charles Beach for a little more exercise.

We have kiddie and adult-sized life jackets available if you are a novice or just prefer to have the added security. It is a great way to spend a few hours exploring near the resort and then you can come back to your private villa and relax after your exertions. Make sure you take lots of photos (an underwater camera or GoPro is perfect to use for those holiday snaps!).

Each villa is provided with complimentary single and double kayaks for you to enjoy throughout your stay.

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