Fiji International Dateline & Waitavala Waterslide

The famous Meridian Line runs right through Taveuni Island

The First Day

Each new day begins on Taveuni Island. The 180 degree Meridian Line or Fiji International Dateline is a famous landmark that runs through Taveuni. Your excursion will begin with a scenic drive down the island to this landmark. After you have taken your photographs from this elevated viewpoint you will continue your drive to see the Wairiki Mission Church. This is the most architecturally interesting structure on the island. The Fijian singing is something you will never forget (Sundays only). Seeing the church and listening to the music is a great cultural experience.

If you wish, your driver will stop in the local township and allow you to explore the small number of island stores selling fruit, vegetables, clothing and groceries. You will see signs for chicken curry rotis. These little parcels are full of delicious hot curry and well worth a try.

For the final part of your excursion you will be taken to the Waitavala Natural waterslide. It is about a 20 minute walk through the rainforest till you come to this natural rockslide which is a natural wonder of Taveuni comprising a series of smooth rock slabs with water cascading down them to offer you an exceptional and fun experience. It is located in the midst of beautiful tropical bush. It is best visited on the weekend and school holidays when the Fijian kids are there to show you how it’s done. If you have a GoPro don’t forget to take this with you and hold on to it tightly.

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