Fijian Lovo Night

An experience like no other, it will be a night to remember

You’ll love Lovo Night

The traditional Fijian lovo night is a culinary experience where you taste the mouth watering feast prepared for you. You will see the feast cooked in the traditional earth oven using hot rocks. It uses local ingredients of meats and vegetables prepared using coconut fronds, banana leaves and foil. The feast is then covered with leaves and left to slow cook to enhance the flavours.

The first step in your lovo is heating specially selected rocks by placing them in a hot fire. Once they are sufficiently heated they are placed in the bottom of the shallow pit. The meat such as chicken, fish and pork is wrapped in coconut fronds and banana leaves and placed in the rock-lined pit. Next, the root vegetables such as dalo (potato-like root from the taro plant), cassava (root of the tapioca plant) and uvi (the wild yam) palusami (chicken or beef wrapped in taro leaves, onions and coconut milk) are added. The food is covered and allowed to slow cook. Once the food is ready it is served on banana leaves. Other traditional dishes are prepared like Kokoda (raw fish marinated in lemon juice with coconut milk) a Fijian delicacy.

While your lovo is cooking you can enjoy a village tour and learn about village life. You will see a coconut husking display and enjoy watching a Fijian dance show “Meke”. Your Lovo dinner will be followed with a Kava Ceremony, dancing and music. The Fijians are the friendliest people in the world and would be delighted to have you join them to experience their rich culture and customs.

This tour is complimentary during your stay.

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