Traditional Fijian Cooking Lesson

Taste your way through the deep & rich culture of Fiji

Traditional techniques

During your stay, your personal chef will happily offer you complimentary cooking lessons where they will show you their secret techniques. When you return home, treat the family to some of the gourmet meals that our chef creates once you return back home and WOW them with your culinary prowess.

You will see the fresh ingredients used, most are sourced straight from our garden and local market. This makes the taste even better for you. It is great for the kids to be able to learn how to make some of the yummy dishes they enjoy, the fish tacos and chicken wraps are always a favourite. We even have families play their own Masterchef competitions on who makes the best meals however I am sure you will agree that everyone is a Winner when they stay with us.

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We are proud to offer you a variety of relaxing spa treatments designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.


The villas are ideal for extra special getaways, such as weddings, romantic honeymoons, and lot’s more!


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