Stargazing Taveuni Island

Relax, look up and spot shooting stars in the night sky

Zero Light Pollution

Situated on the 180th parallel in the southern Pacific Ocean, Fiji is isolated from the rest of the world. This is great for those seeking to get away from the busy cities and hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. It also affords an excellent opportunity for stargazers and photographers to view an unbelievable number of stars at night! With no light pollution, Taveuni Palms Resort is a perfect location to lay back and enjoy a spectacular night sky from your veranda, pool deck or patio.

You will be delighted to view the astounding night sky with the Milky Way and thousands of clusters of the brightest stars you can see better than anywhere else in the world. Bring your camera and tripod to really capture this beautiful sight. Don’t worry if you stay up all night being mesmerized by the stars as you can relax throughout the day and catch up on a nap if needed.

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