Getting Here

Travel to Fiji can be an enjoyable start to your vacation. Fiji's remote and unspoiled beauty is reached via flights from Los Angeles, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Honolulu, Seoul and Hong Kong. All flights to Fiji first touch down in Nadi on the main island. Getting to Taveuni is an incredibly beautiful and scenic 1-hour flight over the many remote outer islands and crystal clear waters of the South Pacific. Fights depart from Nadi to Taveuni and return from Taveuni to Nadi in the morning and afternoon daily.

Located in an exclusive area of the island called Matei, Taveuni Palms will be your island retreat. Our staff will greet you at the airport in the traditional Fijian manner, and in less than five minutes you will arrive at the spectacular and breathtaking setting of Taveuni Palms..