Start with the overwhelming beauty that will surround you. Add the tropical climate: Fiji boasts a median temperature range of the low 80s F from July to September and high 80s F from October to June.

Add to that the Fijian people, perhaps the happiest people on earth. They are kind, gentle, giving and accommodating which makes for a laid-back, accepting and welcoming culture. Their broad smiles and friendly “Bula” greeting will make you comfortable the moment you arrive.

And to top it off, combine those elements with the luxury of an all inclusive Fiji vacation at Taveuni Palms. Visitors who come to Taveuni Palms Resort experience a luxurious vacation that is truly unforgettable.  Surely the perfect vacation recipe!

“Embedded in our memory are the beautiful and friendly people of Fiji .”

Julie and Kyle Peacock

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