Scuba Diving

Taveuni Island is home to some of the world’s most famous dive sites and is known as the best scuba diving in all of Fiji.

Taveuni Island’s diving sites are each uniquely characterized by the many variations of sea life, tropical fish of every size, shape, pattern and color and of course the beautiful varieties of soft and hard corals. Whether you choose to dive the amazing Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Zoo, The Fish Factory, Annie’s Bommie, The Ledge, Yellow Grotto… just to name a few … you can expect to see some of the most spectacular sea life (large groupers, sea turtles, blue ribbon eels, moray eels, manta rays, sharks, lion fish, and hundreds of other fascinating fish species) combined with an unbelievable variety of colorful soft and hard corals.

Perhaps one of the most talked about Fiji Island diving sites in the South Pacific lies just off Taveuni's coast line - “The Great White Wall”, - where you swim through a tunnel that has two exits, one at 33ft and another at 88ft. During this exciting dive you will come face to face with hundreds of beautiful fish, but perhaps more breathtaking than that are the dense concentrations of illuminating white glow given off by the soft corals that completely surround you.

Taveuni Palms offers private diving and group diving for both certified and beginner divers alike. You can choose to dive as part of a group or we also offer private diving. Divers will be taken to the world famous Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall, the Ledge and many more incredible sites. Taveuni Palms uses only the best dive equipment and highly certified PADI instructors. All levels of experience and expertise are catered to - your dive experience can be as challenging or relaxing as you wish. Please E-mail us at with any further questions or information you may require.



 "In 30 years of diving and over 1000 dives in exotic locations around the world I have never experienced anything that comes close to the Taveuni diving experience - incredible, just incredible."

J. Akers, LA.

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