Bouma Waterfalls

These three incredible waterfalls are located in a pristine Heritage park just a half hour drive from Taveuni Palms. The scenic drive to the falls will take you to the eastern side of the island through Bouma village.

Upon arrival at the heritage park you driver will point out to you the entrance trail and from there you can easily follow the signs.

This fabulous walk will lead you through rainforests, across rivers and up to the gorgeous waterfalls. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of rare tropical birds, view many varieties of island plants and hear waterfalls cascading through the lush rainforest.

The walk to the first fall is a short 10 minute flat walk and requires little physical effort. The second fall requires you to step it up a notch and takes a little more energy and effort but is well worthwhile as the views are fabulous! You can picnic here, swim in the waterfall or for the adventurous hike to the third waterfall. The upper fall takes about another 30-40 minutes but it is agreed by everyone that it is well worth the climb.

Make the most of this wonderful half day trip by having your personal Chef prepare a delicious picnic lunch for you to enjoy whilst relaxing under the cascading waterfall. If you wish one of our friendly staff will accompany you to the falls acting as your guide and pointing out the wildlife and explaining the various island plants seen along the way. While you swim in the first fall or hike to the second your lunch will be prepared for you and beautifully served on s picnic blanket in the shade.

Your Dream Vacation awaits...




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