Black Pearl Farm

We are very fortunate to have our local black pearl farm located in the Wailoa Lagoon here on Taveuni Island.

Expats Claude and Danielle Prevost have bought their expertise to Fiji where CIVA pearl Farm is now an up and coming player on the world pearl market.  CIVA Pearl Farm is producing pearls in colors not traditionally harvested from the black-lipped pearl oyster.  The pearls produced in the Wailoa lagoon are in the most amazing colors of gold, pink, champagne, blue, green, chocolate, cranberry as well as the traditional black.  These colors are not being produced anywhere else in the world.  We offer a tour to the farm every day other than Friday. Upon arrival at the pearl farm you will be greeted by your friendly guide and board an 18 foot fiberglass boat which will take you across the short stretch of the water to the black pearl farm hut.  On the way through the lagoon your guide will show you the nursery where the mature oysters are growing pearls.  At the hut the guide will talk you through how they produce a black pearl.  After your tour you can snorkel the crystal clear surrounding waters to experience the fantastic snorkeling or just relax at the hut and enjoy looking at the pearls while talking to Claude.

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